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Pie Making Machines

All Stainless Steel Construction

  • Length variable, Width 0.9M, Height 1.5M
  • Variable Speed Drive 220V / 50Hz 0.75KW
  • Pallet Magazine for 460mm x 720mm Pallets
  • Pastry Unwind Conveyors
  • Pneumatic Forming System
  • Depositing Hopper with Barrel and Pistons Complete
  • Water Misting Unit - Solenoid Controlled
  • Tension Controlled Trim Roller
  • Pneumaticly Controlled Marker
  • 2 x Safety Stops


  • Volumatic Four Head Filling Unit
  • Set Up for Family Pies
  • Free Standing Clip on Egg Wash
  • Volumatic Four Head Dosing Unit for Liquid Cheese
  • Pie Tins - Plain or Teflon Coated

Pie Making Machine layout

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