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Bulk Bag Machines

Important Features of the "Series 1000 3000"
  • Unwind Rewind
  • Soft Start
  • Tension Control
  • Print Registration
  • Selection of Bag Lengths
  • Bags Produced Counter
  • One or Two Sealing Heads
  • Perforation Tear Off
  • Variety of Bag Making Options
  • On Wheels for Easy Relocation

These machines incorporate State of the Art PLC Control of Perforation, Sealing and Print Registration, making change overs a quick and easy operation. They can handle gusseted film from 30 micron to 150 micron.


Bulk bag machine photo

The "Continental" bottom seal plastic bag making machines are ideal for manufacturing light to heavy gauge bulk bags for shipping such things as:

Insulating Material - Drum Liners - Granulates - Powders - Furniture Box Liners - Peat/Compost - Construction Materials

bulk bag machine diagram


We also manufacture specialised bulk bag machines, as shown below. These machines can be used, for example, for drum liners and container bags that can be top and bottom gusseted.

Specialised bulk bag machine


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