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About Us

Our experience is wide ranging and includes:

  • Complete factory installations of plant and machinery.
  • Design and manufacture of specialised machines and equipment.

Examples of products manufactured are:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Palletising and de-palletising equipment
  • Drum lifters
  • Bottle rinsing machines
  • Fillers
  • Bulk bag machines
  • Large heatsealers

Food preparation equipment such as:

  • Pie-making machines
  • Sausage roll machines
  • Chocolate cluster formers
  • Dough presses
  • Special make-up line
  • Pie tins

We are Agents/Representatives for:

  • SML, Austria: Plastic film machinery, eg: coextrusion cast lines, film stretching plants.
  • Star-Pack, Austria: Bagging plants.
  • Starlinger & Co: Woven Bag Equipment .
  • Muller & Engels, Germany: Horizontal wrapping and strapping machines.

Companies we deal with:

Conveyor Systems | Longreach Conveyors | Bulk Bag Machines | Pie-Making Machines | Pie Make Up Line
Sausage Roll Machines | Bin & Lid Machines | Palletised Pie Tins

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